We are a business development company offering analysis, strategic planning, development and coaching. Our focus is on people development and identifying organisational opportunities for staff development.  

For over 20 years, we have been helping organisations achieve a balance between fulfilment of short term goals and long term direction. 

As part of our consultancy we design a range of development interventions using tools such as facilitated workshops, team development programmes, coaching and behavioural profiling. These are some of the ways we gain a deep understanding of organisations, with an objective of providing support to implement effective core changes to mesh with company vision. We can provide a comprehensive consultancy or fit with identified organisational needs.

We have a deep interest in culture. Having the culture you want is a choice you can make. There is so much about a company that is driven by the culture that even a small change can bring tangible benefits.

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Clare first worked with the school in 1998 with the Headteacher, Kate Spiller, who decided to use the Investor in People framework as a real driver for change.

From the outset, our vision of the investors in people award was not simply about clear communication and well-organised professional development, but something far deeper: namely the creation of a culture and ethos in which individuals and feed valued, empowered and committed to our collective mission provide an outstanding education for all our pupils.

Andy Hodgkinson
Headteacher, The Sweyne Park School, Rayleigh, Essex

I have worked with Clare at regular intervals for over 20 years. She is so very extremely professional and has excellent people skills.

Clare has always given me clear and succinct advice, delivered firmly but diplomatically. Around 21 years ago she asked me a rhetorical question that has transformed my approach to business. Her advice in 2014 is as thought provoking and useful as it was in 1993.

Christopher McEwen
Managing Director, Gipping Construction Ltd

When we needed a thorough review of our operations and company ethos, we contacted Clare to see if she could help.

Her ability to see through the fog of our own creation is prodigious. She highlighted areas for us to focus on while keeping the business functioning. With security a commercial issue for us, we have refined our processes through employee engagement with a better bottom line.

This is not a quick process but one which took us some years to clarify. Clare provides occasional reviews to help us make sure we are still on track.

Bob Newell
Security sector



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