One great benefit of coaching is that you are likely to see positive results quickly. Because coaching is participative and focused to the individual’s needs, changes in behaviour are more easily achieved as people are more engaged with their own development. They can leave a session and make changes immediately.

As coaching is spread over an extended period, there is time to absorb learning and ‘try out’ different approaches and having the time to notice the reactions to these approaches.

Benefits of coaching to an organisation:

  • fuller use of an individual’s talents/potential
  • demonstrates commitment to individuals and their development
  • increased learning, knowledge and creativity
  • increased confidence
  • facilitates engagement in new culture/management style
  • improves relationships between people and departments
  • introduces some common communication approaches

Benefits to coaching for an individual:

  • improvement in individual’s performance and targets
  • increased openness to the perspectives of others
  • increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues
  • increased ownership and responsibility
  • improvement and development of self-awareness
  • improve and refine specific skills or behaviour
  • greater clarity in roles and objectives
  • the opportunity to correct behaviour/performance difficulties


How does coaching work?

Ideally, two hours per session over six sessions is a good structure to work with. With two or three weeks between sessions there is enough time to reflect and absorb insights and learning, while not being too spaced apart as to lose momentum and commitment. To help that, emails and phone calls can be arranged for support.

Sessions can be conducted on-site, or off-site depending on client and organisational needs. Some clients work well with phone calls and we can cater for this as well.

There will be some work to do from the sessions. Gaining benefit from a coaching program is enhanced with tasks and reviews of the last sessions’ discoveries will help to embed desired change.

What sort of coaching do you do?

We follow NLP based methods of coaching. This means we provide a means of making coaching more empowering, respectful, comfortable – and considerably more effective. What we like about NLP is its future focused, behaviour modifying and objective based approach. You are driven towards how you want to be, how you can change your behaviour without conflicting your values and how you know the coaching is effective.

Clare first worked with the school in 1998 with the Headteacher, Kate Spiller, who decided to use the Investor in People framework as a real driver for change.

From the outset, our vision of the investors in people award was not simply about clear communication and well-organised professional development, but something far deeper: namely the creation of a culture and ethos in which individuals and feed valued, empowered and committed to our collective mission provide an outstanding education for all our pupils.

Andy Hodgkinson
Headteacher, The Sweyne Park School, Rayleigh, Essex

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